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Our Smoking Woods;
(1) Our BBQ smoking wood is seasoned just right for longer smoking wood chunks. (2) Our selection of smoking wood chips and smoking wood chunks include Hickory Wood,  Apple Wood,  Red Oak Wood, and Wild Cherry Wood. (3) We do accept custom orders, just send us an email. (4) All our cutting equipment is lubricated with Canola Oil, not petroleum based lubricants because petroleum based lubricants are carcinogens. This keeps  the carcinogens away from my family, away from your family, and out of the environment. You get pure wood for smoking and cooking, without the petroleum residue. (5) We are a small family operated business located in Lebanon, CT.

Pear Wood Red Oak Chunks hickory wood chunks
Pear Tree Wood Chunks
Our Price: $35.50
(Out of Stock)
Red Oak Chunks
Our Price: $31.50
(Out of Stock)
Hickory Wood Chunks
Our Price: $35.20
(Out of Stock)
Approx 25 to 30 lbs (1.7 cubic feet) of Pear Tree Chunks 2 to 4 inches thick. Pear Tree wood is a medium hardwood. The flavor infused into grilled foods from the smoke of Pear is mildly smoky and sweet. Great for smoking with Pork and Poultry. These large BBQ smoking wood chunks come without the bitter bark - just pure smoking wood! Approx 25 to 30 lbs of Red Oak chunks 2 to 4 inches thick. Using Red Oak smoke when you BBQ adds lots of flavor. Red Oak is used best on Ribs, Red Meat, Pork, and Game Meat! Approx 25 to 30 lbs (1.7 cubic feet) of Hickory - the King of smoking woods. Hickory infuses a heavy tasty smoke flavor to your BBQ. These large smoking wood chunks last a long time and come without the bitter bark - just pure bbq smoking wood!
Apple Wood Chunks Apple Wood Chunks Smoking Wood Chunks
Apple Wood Chunks
Our Price: $34.20
(Out of Stock)
Small Box Apple Chunks
Our Price: $17.95
(Out of Stock)
Variety Wood Chunks
Our Price: $33.50
(Out of Stock)
Approx 25 to 30 lbs (1.7 cubic feet) of Apple Wood Chunks 2 to 4 inches thick. Apple is one of the most prized woods for barbecuing. Its smoke leaves behind a slightly sweet taste that is very complimentary to Chicken, Pork, or Beef! These large BBQ wood chunks come without the bitter bark - just pure smoking wood. The price includes shipping. Approx 9 lbs of Apple Wood Chunks 2" to 4" in size. Perfect size for the backyard smoker enthusiast. Order Yours today! Approx 25 to 30 lbs per box (1.7 cubic feet) containing a variety mix of Apple Wood Chunks, Cherry Wood Chunks, and Hickory Wood Chunks 2 to 4 inches thick. A great way to take a sample of the the three most popular smoking wood chunks. You can then determine you personal favorite and always be ready for smoking a variety of great foods! These large BBQ wood chunks come without the bitter bark - just pure smoking wood!
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Wood Chunks can be used for smoking meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. If you have a smoker grill, you can use wood chunks alone in the smoker box to provide plenty of smoke for your food. The wood fire, once started, can be easily maintained by adding wood chunks as needed. Smoking wood chunks make it easy to maintain a steady long-term smoke source or a short term smoking for items such as burgers or steak.
Smoking wood chunks can also be used to add flavor when you are grilling with charcoal. Once your charcoal is nearly ready for cooking, add several chunks of hickory, oak, apple, or another wood you prefer, directly onto the charcoal. Before adding wood chunks to your charcoal, pre-soak them in water for at least ten minutes.
My favorite method of using barbecue wood chunks is the direct cooking method or direct wood grilling method. I begin by starting a hickory wood chunks fire in my grill (apple wood chunks, oak wood chunks or maple work well too). I use a regular small firestarter which I place at the bottom of a pile of wood chunks. The wood chunk fire will burn like a small campfire (I find this adds a festive atmosphere) for up to one and a half hours before the coals are ready to be cooked on. Wood burns hotter and faster than charcoal, so the timing does take some practice. I knock down the pile of burning wood chunks to level the hot coals out evenly about 15 to 20 minutes prior to cooking time. The best burgers I have ever had were cooked like this.
BBQ wood chips are typically used for enhancing the flavor of your grilled food with short bursts of smoke. BBQ chips are typically soaked in water prior to grilling. You may also soak these smoking wood chips in beer or wine. Wood chips can be added to your charcoal just prior to cooking and continually added as necessary throughout the cooking process. Smoker wood chips can also be used in gas grills by encasing them in tinfoil with holes (again soaked prior to this) or by purchasing a stainless steel smoker box designed for such purposes. Esentially the heat from the propane will cause these wood chips to start smoking and they will not flame or leave ash in the grill because they are enclosed. When cooking like this you must cook with the top closed as much as possible to keep the smoke in with the food.
This season don't forget to use your smoker or grill to smoke vegetables. Here are some popular vegetables that are great for smoking to eat alone or to add to recipes to  give them that wonderful smoke flavor.
> Smoked Jalapenos ( chipotle)
> Smoked Onions - add to summer salads and sandwiches
> Smoked Corn on the Cob - delicious eaten right off the cob with butter and salt or added to your favorite recipe
> Smoked tomatoes - add to salads and sandwiches
The best smoking wood for vegetables is applewood & cherry wood. You may find local applewood for sale, but be warry of brush that contains pesticides. Our applewood for sale has no bark and no pesticides to worry about. Our smoker wood chunks can be used in regular grills. Just take tin foil and punch some small holes into the tin foil and then wrap one or two smoker wood chunks and place in the grill above the burner. Once the chunk starts smoking steady, add your vegetables. These smoker chunks will last a long time.

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