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Charlie Brown Xmas Tree
These naturally growing nuts grow all over Connecticut on a variety of Oak Trees. They are best harvested late summer and autumn and can be harvested directly from the ground. Acorns were a staple food for many native American Indians.
Ideal Survival Food
Almost every town and state website asks us to be prepared for emergencies by storing at least 3 days worth of food. Have you ever wondered what would happen if an event triggered people to hoard food and the grocery stores where empty for much longer than 3 days? The wisdom of naturally occuring foods like Acorns is all but lost in today's society and most people would go hungry while acorns lay about on the ground uneaten. Learn how to harvest and prepare this natural staple food and you will be eating very healthy stuff and increase your chances of always having food on the table, even if the store shelves are empty.
I have developed a simple kit that anyone can use to help harvest, prepare and eat this wonderful food. The Kit includes:
mesh bag for rincing out tanin
A sun drying platform
Preperation and storage techniques
hand held stone for grinding the nuts into meal
how to identify oak trees
If you wish to purchase the acorns for a healthy substitute  or combination to the flower you use when you bake, we now sell the convenient packages of dried acorn meal ready to use! Forest fresh and organic by nature!

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